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eGovernance Cloud

Reduce costs by moving legacy archives to eGovernance cloud

Organizations tending legacy archiving systems that no longer furnish up-to-date functionality or face end-of-life must choose. Regulatory compliance demands the retention of historical data. Should they reduce legacy archiving systems costs by moving legacy archives to the cloud or continue to maintain costly systems.

Ultimately, the drawbacks of legacy archiving systems will outweigh the benefits they provide.

Legacy archiving systems rack up costs in several ways, including expensive upgrades, hard to get technical support, and incompatibility with current file types. In addition, they require expensive extra storage, create compliance headaches, and lack modern search capabilities.

Replace Legacy Archiving Systems with eGovernance Cloud

A versatile tool, eGovernance Cloud covers multiple data sources (both local and cloud). Quick search saves expensive resource time. And, its efficient open architecture makes archived data easily exported or migrated.

The eGovernance Cloud requires no administration, resulting in reduced IT overhead and cost. Redundant storage and backup protect data integrity.

With a low fixed fee, the eGovernance Cloud is comparable in cost to Microsoft Archiving with its per user fees. It incorporates a more sophisticated, easy to use, plain language search engine and superior eDiscovery capabilities. Users perform search and export operations in one half to one quarter of the time required by other systems.

eGovernance Cloud vs. Microsoft 365 eDiscovery

Microsoft provides multiple features within the Office 365, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft 365 Business packages. However, these features are tiered to the Microsoft Licensing levels. Thus, they may not provide uniform coverage across different license types within the organization.

Many organizations choose to license their Microsoft subscriptions based on job functions or requirements, providing email only accounts to some internal and external users and web only accounts to non-office staff. This can leave half the workforce without coverage for retention or formal eDiscovery.

egovernance cloud ediscovery

M365 E1/G1/F1/F3
M365 Business Standard/Basic
Office 365 A1/E1 / EOL1
M365 A3/E3/G3/F5 Compliance
M365 Business Premium
Office 365 A3/E3/G3 / EOL2
M365 E5/G5
Office 365 E5/G5/A5
*Also available with added eDiscovery add-on

The eGovernance Cloud provides uniform coverage across all Microsoft licensing levels. This allows organizations to provide discovery services for the entire organization. At the same time, they can deploy retention policies for data generated by basic enterprise and business licensing levels.

The Real Cost of eDiscovery

Too often, the cost of eDiscovery is assessed as the monetary value of the solution. Or in the case of Microsoft Office 365, the inclusive cost of a functional solution. More accurately, the predominant cost driver of eDiscovery is TIME.

Individuals performing discovery searches are typically in legal and compliance positions. These command higher salaries and therefore result in higher time costs associated with processing discovery requests.

The eGovernance Cloud enables personnel to effectively manage the organization’s discovery of electronic records. Users respond to eDiscovery requests rapidly and efficiently. They easily search, review, and reduce the content produced to just the relevant records more efficiently than with many competitive solutions.

Microsoft provides exceptional eDiscovery capabilities in its advanced eDiscovery tools offered through its E5/A5/G5 licensing levels. But these advanced features also come with the time cost of reindexing all identified discovery scope data prior to initiating any type of assessment.    Depending on the scope, this can add hours to the process of identifying and conducting initial validation searches.

In contrast, eGovernance Cloud eDiscovery keeps ALL data indexed and ready to search with no re-indexing. Auditors simply plug in the search criteria and get results almost instantaneously.  

This allows them to perform quick pre-searches of information before they conduct a formal eDiscovery case or determine what content is available before getting too far into the process.

The result is that valuable professional time can be minimized while still providing crucial discovery information.

Data and System Integrity

The eGovernance Cloud is hosted in Microsoft Azure. This provide all the safeguards, protection, and compliance certifications of a truly enterprise data center. It also ensures data protection through encryption, data compartmentalization, and backups.

eGovernance is driven by iPro Advanced eDiscovery and Analytics technology and managed by the eMazzanti eCare service. eCare provides 24×7 monitoring and management of the service including:

    • Automated patch management
    • Automated server refreshes
    • Daily data physical backups

eGovernance is fully managed by qualified iPro/eMazzanti administrators who provide proactive assessment of scheduled processes and ensure data accessibility. This results in:

    • Elimination of privilege user caused data loss (compliance)
    • Audited and authorized change control
    • Zero risk of data loss due to misconfiguration
    • Consistent availability of services when and if you need them.
    • Discovery assistance to help deal with critical and sensitive requests

Why eGovernance

Organizations save immensely in systems and storage costs when not having to factor in hardware replacement budgets. Add to that the cost of fixing, maintaining, and installing additional infrastructure. Then, consider these benefits:

    • Increased Security:
    • The Azure-based eGovernance Cloud lives in a secure datacenter with SOCS-2 compliance. It provides not only a physically secure environment, but data secured through encryption at rest and in transit.
    • Disaster Recovery:
      With Azure data center redundancy and automatic failover, organizations ensure that their systems continue to function in the event of hardware failures and even site outages.
    • Immediate Scalability:
      The Cloud allocates systems, ram, CPU time and disk storage on demand without the need for a team of skilled systems specialists onsite. Expensive resources that sit idle until required need not be acquired.
    • Availability:
      The cloud provides availability from just about any location with an internet connection and delivers 24X7 access to resources.

eGovernance is powered by iPRO, the leaders in discovery and litigation evidence support. Thus, business leaders move forward with confidence when migrating legacy archiving systems to this powerful solution.

electronic governance new york

Migrate Legacy Archiving Systems Painlessly

The migration experts at eMazzanti Technologies understand the challenges of migrating data from legacy email archiving solutions. They also know from decades of experience the advantages and disadvantages of moving it to the cloud. Through hundreds of legacy and Microsoft 365 migrations and years of working with clients of all sizes, we have streamlined the migration process.

Regardless of your current archiving system, we will help you extract a complete, defensible data set. We know the roadblocks, and we have the tools and expertise to overcome them, ensuring a smooth migration to the eMazzanti/iPro eGovernance Cloud.

Review the advantages of moving to the eGovernance Cloud.

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